Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Keeping Safe

It’s important that neighbors look out for each other as we navigate through this Coronavirus situation together. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Board or your neighbors if you need help.

STAY INFORMED: To make sure you have the most up-to-date information, check the CDC site regularly or sign up for the CDC newsletter here.

BE PREPARED: Make sure to have enough food, household supplies, water, vitamins and medications for each person (and pet) in your home. If you run out of supplies, let neighbors know so they can share or direct you to available supplies at businesses in your local area. Should you become ill, it is important to have health supplies on hand including pain relievers, cough and cold medicines, and fluids with electrolytes.

GET TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS: Talk with your neighbors (particularly the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions) about emergency planning and let them know you’re there to help. According to the CDC, older adults and people who have severe chronic medical conditions like heart, lung or kidney disease seem to be at higher risk for more serious COVID-19 illness. Localized community response can be critical during times when federal, state and local authorities are overwhelmed. 

CREATE AN EMERGENCY CONTACT LIST: Ensure your household has a current list of emergency contacts for family, friends, neighbors, carpool drivers, health care providers, teachers, employers, the local public health department, and other community resources.


  1. First, in all interactions, follow proper social distancing protocols.
  2. Find out (and document) if anyone has specialized equipment or expertise that might help.
  3. Decide who will check/call elderly or disabled neighbors and their needs.
  4. Emergency response is one of the most important responsibilities of local government, but government alone can’t prepare/respond. Families, neighborhoods, businesses, houses of worship and many others in our large, diverse community should prepare, too.
  5. Our Community Emergency Response Guide features quick documents to help you and your neighbors prepare. Click on the links below to download a printable copy in multiple languages:



  • Fairfax County Coronavirus Hotline: 703-267-3511, open weekdays 9:30am-9:00pm, weekends 9:30am-5:00pm
  • Peapod (groceries)
  • Amazon Fresh (groceries)
  • Amazon (household products)

2020 Reston Association Board Election

The 2020 Reston Association Board Election is now in progress. You should be receiving ballots in the mail. Once you do, you can vote online. For more information about the candidates, you can watch the videos below. Click the button below to vote!

RA Board Election Information

Reston Today – 2020 RA Board Election • Meet the Candidates

Candidates’ Forum – 2020 RA Board of Directors Election – February 26, 2020

March 2020 Board of Directors Meeting

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The upcoming meeting of the Board of Directors will be Tuesday, March 10th, 7:30 pm, 1504 Scandia Circle.

Everyone is welcome to attend.  As always, we start each meeting with a members’ forum in which neighbors are free to address the board.

You can see previous meeting minutes here.