Current Board of Directors and Officers

Current Board of Directors and Officers:

Name EmailAddressPositionTerm
Jon RojasFarstaDirector2023-2025
Jason AskewPark GlenDirector2023-2025
Anne Smyersvicepresident@bwwca.orgPark GlenVice President2023-2025
Clayton Leetreasurer@bwwca.orgPark GlenTreasurer2023-2025
Keith Londonpresident@bwwca.orgPark GlenPresident2024-2026
Dilant Pateldirector6@bwwca.orgScandiaDirector2024-2026
Michael Biesecker secretary@bwwca.orgPark GlenSecretary2024-2026

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Elections are held each year at the Annual General Meeting on the last Sunday of April. There are a total of seven directors elected for overlapping terms of 2 years. 3 are elected one year, the other 4 the following year, 3 the year following year, etc.

If a director resigns (or is removed) for any reason, then the Board may appoint any eligible cluster member to fill the seat for up to 3 months from the effective time of resignation. Within 3 months an election must be held for that seat and the winner will serve out the remainder of the original resigned director’s term. Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary) are elected by majority vote of the Board at the first meeting following the AGM.

Per the By-laws only the President must be an elected board member. Other officers usually come from the board but it is not required although they must be resident homeowners. The Board may appoint as many Vice-Presidents active or ex-officio, with individual powers defined by the Board, as desired. A non-elected, appointed officer is not a voting Board Member.

Officers may be removed, as officers, at any time by a two thirds majority vote of the Board. An elected Director can only be removed by the resident homeowners at a special meeting called for that purpose.

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