Exterior House Colors *Updated!*

For our cluster, there is only one exterior house finish allowed: Olympic Solid Color Premium Acrylic Latex Stain – it’s important to note that this is not paint, and is actually wood stain. Locally, it is sold at Lowes (closest stores being in Sterling and Chantilly) and unfortunately isn’t available at our nearby Home Depot.

Homes stained with an original palette color may be re-stained with that same approved color indefinitely. Should a homeowner wish to change color only a color from the new palette may be used. You cannot have the same siding color as your closest neighbors.

Trim surrounding windows and door frames is also Olympic Solid Color Stain and only two colors are approved. Gutters, roof troughs, roof flashing and fixtures must all be stained/painted one of the trim colors. Downspouts may be painted either the trim color or the same as the siding. Decks may be stained one of three approved colors or left to weather naturally.

Original: Beachwood, Beige Gray, Butternut, Chamois, Cocao, Russet, Sage.

Beachwood Beige Gray Butternut Chamois
Cocao Russet Sage

New: California Rustic, Fawn, Monterey Gray, Taupe, Sandstone, Willow Mist.

California Rustic Fawn Monterey Gray Taupe

Trim: Mahogany, Oxford Brown

Mahogany Oxford Brown Spacer Spacer

Deck: Mahogany, Oxford Brown, Desert Sand

Mahogany Oxford Brown olympic desert sand Spacer

All door colors (original, equivalent, and new), except the last two, are Duron Glossy Enamel.

The original color names have been discontinued but the hues are the same as the equivalent Duron colors shown here:

Duron Equivalent Color Palette

Original Equivalent
Bertram Tatami Tan SW6116
Basil Baguette SW6123
Blue Fury Refuge SW6228
Cantonese Gold Yarrow SW6669
Hunter Green Grasshopper SW6733
Pumpkin Copper Harbor SW6634
Titan Blue Loch Blue SW6502

New Duron Color Palette

Amber White
Carolina Slate
Chadwicke Tan
Cobblestone Gray
Foxhall Green
Farm House Red
Mahogany (Olympic)
Oxford Brown (Olympic)

Doors painted with an original palette color may be re-painted with that same approved color indefinitely. Should a homeowner wish to change color, only a color from the new palette may be used.

The main and external closet doors should be painted the same approved color.

A front screen door, if installed, must be painted the same color as either the front door or the trim.

Our thanks to JoAnne Henck for working with the Duron store to obtain the equivalent matches for our original colors.


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