Vehicle and Parking Regulations

These regulations apply to all: residents, renters, guests and visitors alike, with the reminder that homeowners, whether resident or not, are responsible for making sure that they, their renters, guests and visitors are aware of the regulations and comply.

To operate or park on Cluster property all vehicles must be licensed and insured for legal operation in the Commonwealth of Virginia, with current tags and inspection stickers. Residents moving in from out of state should, per Virginia and Fairfax County law, re-register their vehicles in Virginia within 60 days of moving them in.

Motorized vehicles may be operated only on the paved streets of the Cluster and not on the grassy areas, sidewalks or other paths.

Park in designated areas and assigned spots only and never alongside the curb.

Only two vehicles per house may be parked in the Cluster at any one time and it is expected that houses with garages park one of those in their driveway. Overflow parking is available along North Shore Drive.

Cluster parking is only for residents and their immediate visitors and not for non-resident guests whose vehicle is ‘being looked after’ while they are away.

Parking is not permitted in sections of the cluster outside your local court or

area. This particularly applies to residents of the three sections of Scandia Circle. The other areas of Scandia, Park Glen or Farsta Courts must not be used for excess parking.

The Cluster streets, regardless of parking assignments, belong to the Cluster as a whole. With the exception of the curbside and Fire-Lane automatic towing arrangements, other towing from Cluster property for violation of the above regulations may only be authorized by a current Cluster Officer. Should individual residents require assistance with the enforcement of the foregoing regulations please contact a Cluster Officer, Board Member, or the Management Company who will be able to assist you. The members can be found at, in the neighborhood directory and newsletter.

Any parking spaces designated by the Board of Directors for the use of “visitors” shall be for the exclusive use of visitors. A visitor is a person who is not a resident or long term guest. No residents or long term guests may use the visitor parking spaces. Additional parking is available along North Shore Drive.

If a member becomes more than sixty (60) days past due in the payment of any Association fee or assessment, said member shall be given an opportunity to be heard by the Board of Directors which will determine at a duly noticed hearing whether or not to suspend the member’s rights and privileges of parking. A vehicle that is parked on the Common Area and is otherwise in compliance with the rules and regulations may be towed based on the member’s delinquency in payment of assessments pursuant to the authority granted in the Articles of Incorporation, as amended, and Section 55-513 of the Virginia Property Owners Association Act. Any suspension shall remain in effect until the member pays all delinquent amounts. Vehicles are subject to towing following notice of the suspended privileges. The suspension will apply to all vehicles of the delinquent member, as well as those of the tenants, guests, and invitees. All due process procedures or notices and Board hearing procedures shall be followed prior to the towing of vehicles pursuant to this provision.

Curbside parking is always prohibited. All curbside is considered fire lane and must remain unobstructed for emergency vehicles. Loading and unloading may take place and emergency blinkers should be used to indicate that the vehicle is attended. Unattended vehicles are subject to towing. Guests and service providers to residences should park in the resident’s designated spots or on North Shore.

Adopted Oct 2013