Bentana Woods West Concrete Work 2020

The Cluster is having Dominion Paving perform concrete repairs on Friday, November 13th. If you have concrete work that needs to be performed on your property and you would like to take advantage of when Dominion Paving is in the neighborhood performing our Cluster repairs, please see the info below:

To receive a quote from Dominion Paving, please send an email describing the work to with “BWWCA Private Work” and your address in the email subject. The email should be sent to arrive by close of business the 6th of November to receive a quote. If you wish to accept the quote, place a check payable to “Dominion Paving” on your front door the day of service (November 13th). If a check is not placed on the door that day, no work will be performed.

Please let the Board know if you have any questions.

11/1/2020: This post has been updated to correct the email address of the Dominion Paving contact.