Detailed Information About Trash Services

Bentana Woods West Residents,

We are announcing our new waste management contract with Patriot Disposal.

Service will start on Friday, December 9, 2022.

Patriot Disposal Pickup Days

  • Trash: Tuesday & Friday
  • Recycling: Wednesday
  • Yard Waste: Saturday (March thru December)
  • Christmas Trees: Saturdays, for the first 2 weeks of January


The Board would like to provide some insight for our residents about the history and state of our current situation regarding trash collection. When our contract with Republic was approaching an end earlier this year, the Board sought quotes from competitors due to cost increases and lack of communication by Republic when we reached out to report service issues. In particular, the Board was concerned with the series of cost increases beginning in 2021, some of which the Board wasn’t entirely convinced was covered by the language in the contract

As we reached out for quotes from several companies, Haulin’ Trash provided a good contract price, with clear instances written into the contract for price increases, and had several years’ worth of high reviews from other communities in the area. Board members also spoke with several references Haulin’ Trash provided. For these reasons, we engaged Haulin’ Trash for our trash service.

Between the time that the Board signed a contract with Haulin’ Trash and December 1st, American Disposal Services (ADS) significantly cut back their service to their clients and increased their rates. Due to how waste management is handled in the county, this change by ADS was felt throughout the region. As residents switched service providers, Haulin’ Trash saw an increase in customers and recently had multiple vehicles go out of service due to unexpected and catastrophic mechanical failures. Our property management company has also noted that the current waste management situation is by far the worst they have ever seen in Fairfax County.

With Haulin’ Trash going out of business, the Board held an emergency board meeting to coordinate our plan of action. We reached out for new quotes from waste management companies and received quotes from Republic and Patriot. Generally, we saw higher rates and lower levels of service. We held a second emergency board meeting to review the proposed contracts. The Board used the feedback that we received to make our decision to use Patriot Disposal. Patriot’s ability to provide trash pick up two times a week was a driving factor in our decision.

Patriot will supply bins for those who need a new trash bin. However, you are free to use your own or continue to use the Haulin’ Trash bin. The supplied trash bin is a 64-gallon wheeled cart. The supplied recycle bin is an 18-gallon tote bin (dimensions 26x16x15 LxWxH).

On Saturday, December 10, 2022, Patriot will drop off a supply of 18-gal bins for recycling that residents may pick up if needed. The dropoff location will be the grassy island on Scandia 1. Patriot will collect any unclaimed bins at a date to be determined. There is a backorder on 64-gal trash bins, but they will be delivered at a later date.

We thank you for being patient with this situation and appreciate your understanding. 

The Bentana Woods West Cluster Association Board