2021 Annual General Meeting & Board of Directors Election (and bios!)

Candidate bios are included at the bottom of this post.

You will be receiving a mailing from TWC regarding the 2021 Annual General Meeting & Board of Directors Election, which will contain the candidate statements and ballots for the Board of Directors Election. Please keep your eyes open for this mailing, make your ballot selections, and mail it back to TWC.

Here’s what mailing will look like:

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the Annual General Meeting & Board of Directors election vote will be held via mail. The schedule will be as follows:

  • Thursday, April 22nd – last date for TWC (our management company) to receive mail-in votes for the Directors. Please mail your votes no later than April 19th to get your votes in and ensure that your vote counts!
  • Sunday, April 25th at 7:30pm – Virtual Annual General Meeting on the Zoom platform, to announce results of the Board election.

Zoom Meeting Information 

  • Date/Time: Sunday, April 25th at 7:30pm
  • Link: Available by reaching out to the board: bod (at) bwwca (dot) org (Link will also be posted on the day of the Annual General Meeting

Candidate Bios

Jon Rojas

Jon Rojas moved into Bentana Woods West with his wife Amanda, in April 2016. They have a dog named Tucker and they enjoy walking him through the nearby woods and trails. They love their neighborhood and he wants to ensure the value of our homes and surrounding area is maintained at the highest level. 

He has served on the board for four years, with two of those years serving as President. Previously he served as the cluster’s Communications Director, where he created an email distribution list and maintained the cluster website. Moving forward, his focus is to keep bringing the cluster together from both the community and digital perspectives, as well as ensuring that resident dues are contributing to the continuous improvement of the cluster.

Jon looks forward to continuing serving the cluster via the board of directors and he appreciates your consideration!

Jason Askew

Jason Askew, his wife Lindsey, and Dog Mollie Brown moved to Bentana Woods West in 2018 and had their first child at the end of 2019. They moved to the Northern Virginia area in late 2016 before picking Reston to be their base. They looked high and low across the region and loved how the communities are tied together and surrounded by trees to bring peace, quiet, and serenity. Before moving to Virginia, Jason spent a considerable period in Rhode Island. However, he had grown up as a Navy Brat moving worldwide, including the Hampton Roads area and Spain.

He has served as Vice President on the BWC board since 2019 and has dealt with many matters with the board over the past two years. He brings eight years of experience from a small, 4-unit HOA in Providence, Rhode Island, where he served his entire residency as President. He dealt with various issues ranging from budgetary constraints of a small HOA, vendor searches, and issues, as well as all of the normal neighborhood subjects that come up over the years. He takes pride in how his home represents his values and family and wants that for his neighbors. He also takes great pride in the surrounding trees and nature that make the neighborhood special.

Looking to the future, Jason feels it’s critical we maintain a high standard of home and neighborhood care to keep the home values as Reston grows and evolves. Our maintenance requires a balance of new ideology while listening and learning from fellow neighbors that have been here for years. He promises first to listen, learn, speak, and act fairly with the board and neighbors.

Jane LeGros

Jane LeGros, a current Board member, is seeking re-election. Jane has lived in Bentana Woods West since 1999 and held a Board seat since 2004. She is and will remain active in the efforts surrounding nearby development requests as she favors our existing green space. She spoke up against the current condo cluster at Tall Oaks, and in the past, supported the STOP (Save Tall Oaks Pool) effort.

Within the cluster itself, Jane supported the installation of the sprinkler system at our entrances for our cluster plantings.  The following issues are some that Jane believes are important for the community: Fiscal responsibility: ensuring that the services provided are the best we can secure, avoiding unnecessary and costly changes to how we manage, with an eye to how our services can be kept and upgraded without raising dues.  

As the cluster ages, our curb appeal becomes more important. Jane advocates hiring an independent arborist to monitor our cluster trees yearly by having at least one annual walk with a certified arborist and then acting on his recommendations. Our trees are a great asset to our community, and Jane supports the necessary actions to keep and maintain them.

While landscaping is an important factor, even more so is the condition of our homes. She is an advocate for walk arounds noting the maintenance needs of our homes and their curb appeal to ensure all Standards are being met, both for the Cluster, and for R.A. Jane strongly believes that the Cluster benefits from new homeowners becoming involved in cluster efforts, including running for a Board seat, joining the Landscape Committee or starting up a Communications Committee. If no one ran, what shape would we be in? Please consider running for a Board seat, joining a committee, or spearheading a new one! The Cluster NEEDS YOU.

Jane would appreciate your support.

Bill Wagner

Bill Wagner has been a resident of Bentana Woods West since July, 1988. He has been a board member for the last ten years, and is currently a member of the landscape committee.

Bill believes very firmly in having independent, professional level people, such as professional engineers, arborists, etc. verifying work and work estimates being provided by third party contractors. This helps keep homeowner fees down because it can limit the inflated costs that have historically occurred when contractors were allowed to make unchallenged or uncompetitive bids on work. Bill believes that the HOA fees should remain low and change only if absolutely needed.

As a former employee of the National Park Service, Bill believes his service to the community would be invaluable since he has worked with arborists, engineers, landscape architects, and landscape designers both professionally and personally in the past. He is primarily concerned with the safety, stability, and preservation of our highly wooded surroundings in a cost effective manner. 

Sara Theile Reid

I am Sara (pronounced sah-rah) Theile Reid and moved to Bentana Woods in Summer 2019 with my husband, Ryan, from south Reston. For the last year and change, I’ve been working from home which has enabled me to get to know our neighbors on Scandia, Farsta, and Glen Park. I so appreciate how open and welcoming everyone in the neighborhood has been, especially to my 1-year-old Golden Retriever, Duncan. 

In my professional life, I am a former lawyer who practiced in Richmond for five years. I  currently work in business development for a DC-based law firm supporting lawyers across the globe. In my personal life, I love to explore new things–be it a new location, new experience, or new idea. I’m the daughter of two chefs so I also love all things food. 

I would approach being a member of the board with integrity, hard work, and a desire to make our neighborhood the best place for all of our residents. I feel strongly about maintaining common areas and providing open lines of communications with residents. I bring a strong work ethic, excellent communication skills, and leadership experience.  I also have experience managing large scale projects with multiple stakeholders.  If you see Duncan and I around, please say hi!

Anne Baghdanov

Hello everyone, Anne is the name and I’m running for the cluster board of directors! You have probably seen me this past year walking my teddy bear puppy, Copper. My husband and I have lived in the Bentana Woods cluster and Reston for a year. I may be new to Reston, but after moving across the country, twice, I am very happy to call Reston my permanent home. I am excited to bring my skills of team management, budgeting, and organizational skills to the board of directors. 

Kayla Amodeo

I’m Kayla Amodeo, PhD, I  am a senior leader in government affairs and I’m also an adjunct professor in the field exercise science. When I’m not doing the whole professional bit I enjoy weightlifting, cycling, and honing my coffee and whisk(e)y palate.  While my husband and I have only been here a short time, we have both been blown away by how amazing our neighbors are. It’s important to me that the neighborhood remains a place we are proud to call home. My goal as a member of the Board would be to represent the neighborhood with strong work ethic, good communication, honesty and integrity. I bring strong leadership experience to the table. I am collaborative and highly skilled in conflict resolution. I’m confident I will be able to reach compromises that benefit all of our residents. I’m especially passionate about the accessibility of cluster/association guidelines, the maintenance of our common areas, and the responsible allocation of funds to ensure the residents of our cluster feel their fees are contributing to the betterment of our community.

In post pandemic times I hope to host many neighbors and friends for a cup of coffee, a dram of whisk(e)y, or a gym session!