Board of Directors Elections

  • Have you ever wondered how things get done for the cluster or who makes cluster policy and the rules governing the cluster?
  • Now is the time to consider making a difference in the cluster.

The Bentana Woods West Cluster Board of Directors elections will be held on April 27th and we need candidates for openings on the board.

Qualifications? Live in the cluster either as an owner or a renter.

Time Involved? One meeting a month during the first week of the month.

How do I apply? Just write a short bio and either call the election coordinator Becky Totten at 571.723.9967 or send her an email at

The election is April 27th.  Please let Becky know by April 7th that you would like to run for the BWWCA Board of Directors.

This is your chance to put your ideas into action.