Important: 2022 Asphalt Work

Cluster wide crack filling, over sealing, and parking space repainting

Phase 1 – Thursday 29th September
Farsta Court and Park Glen Court

Phase 2 – Thursday 6th October
Scandia Circle

This work will be done in two phases to minimize parking problems on North Shore Drive. The appropriate sections will be sealed in the morning and marked later in the afternoon. ALL cars parked on the Cluster must be removed by 7am and not returned until 7am the
following day (Friday).

Cars in driveways do not have to be removed but must not be driven over the Cluster during that same time period. If you know of neighbors who may be absent during that time period please encourage them to arrange for their vehicles to be taken out of the Cluster. We do not wish to have them towed out at the owner’s expense.

Upcoming Road Work – Resealing and Re-striping

Mark your calendars! Dominion Paving & Sealing will be resealing and re-striping Scandia Circle and Farsta Court in June.

Please pay attention to the details below as it will affect parking in Scandia Circle and Farsta Court.

Tuesday, June 12th – 7:00am (Scandia Circle): Dominion will be resealing Scandia Circle and re-striping after the resealing work on the same day. ALL vehicles, no exceptions, must be out of Scandia Circle by 7:00am and REMAIN OUT OVERNIGHT until 7:00am on Wednesday, June 13th.

Thursday, June 14th – 7:00am (Farsta Court): Dominion will be resealing Farsta Court and re-striping after the resealing work on the same day. In addition, they will be adding stripes to the parking spaces outside the 1518-1536 addresses of upper Park Glen Court. ALL vehicles, no exceptions, must be out of Farsta Court by 7:00am Thursday, and REMAIN OUT OVERNIGHT until 7:00am on Friday, June 15th. A separate flyer will be distributed to clarify timing around upper Park Glen Court.

If you have questions, please email

Board of Directors, BWWCA

Update Vehicle and Parking Regulations

Updated Vehicle and Parking Regulations were adopted by the Board of Directors at the last July meeting.  The new document is a result of residents asking for clearer and better organized regulations.

Remember that every household may park up to 2 vehicles in their area of the cluster.  A map of where to park is also provided below to avoid confusion.  Many neighbors park their additional vehicles on North Shore Drive.

Link to: