2024 Annual General Meeting & Board of Directors Election (Candidate bios inside!)

The 2024 Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday, April 28th at 7:30pm @ 1531 Park Glen Court.

1. Call to Order – Verification of a Quorum
2. Election of Members of Board of Directors
3. Cluster Update
4. Adjournment

A resident representative from at least twenty-two households must be physically present to constitute a quorum. If you cannot be present but would like to vote, please complete the proxy form you received via mail and give it to the ‘individual named as proxy’ to present it to the Secretary at the meeting. Please note that proxies do not count towards a quorum.

You’ll also be receiving information via the mail. Please let the Board know if you have any questions.

Candidate Bios

Michael Biesecker

I live on Park Glen with my partner Claire Painter (the art teacher at Forest Edge Elementary) and our five school-age kids. I first moved to Reston about a decade ago, drawn by the green space, amenities, funky architecture and Metro access. If elected as a member of the board, I’ll hold true to the spirit of what we all love about this place and why we chose to call it home. But just as Reston’s founder had the forward-thinking vision to establish the first HOA in Virginia that was by charter open to all, we must adapt to the evolving needs of the present and prepare for the future.

I enthusiastically support recent moves by the Bentana board to adopt common-sense standards to allow new technologies and materials, such as electric vehicle chargers and composite roofing shingles that look like cedar but are more affordable and last longer.

Professionally, I’m an investigative reporter for a global news organization and teach at Georgetown. I’ve spent countless hours sitting through public meetings, listening patiently as new ordinances were debated and adopted. I also previously served two terms on the board of a non-profit organization with a seven-figure annual budget.

I strongly believe in working within the established standards to preserve the appearance and character of our community. But I’m also open to making changes when prudent. My goal will always be to find a way to say “yes” and support neighbors who want to make reasonable updates to their properties.

I would be honored if you would entrust me with your vote.

JoAnne Henck

I have been a Reston resident in Bentana Woods West for over 20 years, and have been privileged to serve on our Board of Directors for six years. I left in order to care for a family member and a neighbor’s care.

I would like to return to the Board as I feel it is important that we continue to keep our cluster and grounds looking attractive, as well as promote cluster activities and welcoming new residents to our community.

I have participated in cluster audits, clean ups, as well as worked on the newsletters and directories. I have also worked with other BOD members on updating colors, deck materials, and other outside design applications.

Alison Lake

I am a longtime resident of Reston/Herndon, and have lived in Bentana Woods since 2021. I love the beauty and nature of our neighborhood, and appreciate the ongoing efforts of our community leaders to maintain that.

I’m a mom of two children in the military—my daughter is a Penn State Army nursing student and my son a Navy pilot in training. I manage a team of editors and columnists at Bloomberg News.

My goal in joining the board is simple. I want to contribute to our community, make deeper connections, and be useful. I bring strong leadership, organizational, and problem-solving skills to the table. Thanks for considering me.